Endodontics is a highly specialized field of dentistry that helps save badly infected teeth. Endodontics deals primarily with the nerves and pulp inside teeth and the tissues surrounding the roots of teeth. You probably know it as 'root canal treatment' -a term that some people associate with an unpleasant experience.

However, Dr. Papworth is changing our patients' views of endodontics by employing the latest advances in endodontic therapy. Technology like our state-of-the-art operating microscope, advanced rotary instrumentation, and digital radiography dramatically increase the ease, speed, and effectiveness of therapy. In addition, our patients benefit from advanced patient comfort techniques.

So if you ever need root canal therapy, you can rest assured that Dr. Papworth will make your experience better than you could ever imagine. And the result? A healthy, functioning tooth that could last the rest of your life.

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Meet Dr. Papworth

Dr. Papworth strives to provide the highest standard of care by remaining informed of the latest advancements in technique, technology and materials.


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Our office is conveniently located in Northeast Albuquerque, New Mexico.


Praise From Our Patients

Let's be honest...nobody enjoys getting a root canal.  However, there are doctors who are better at it than others.  I've had 3 root canals in my life, the most recent of which was actually a retreatment of one that was performed by my general dentist last year. Dr. Papworth made the whole experience a breeze. If I ever have to get a root canal in the future, I will definitely be going back to him.
—Benjamin Palmer